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Our Fall Venus Freeze Promotion: Receive 8 treatments but only pay for 6
What our client's are saying
I have been a patient of Dr. Steyn for several years and it is always a treat to go to her office. The staff is wonderful and the surroundings uplifting! Dr. Steyn is beyond awesome.
Meet Our Experienced Staff
Dr. Mariette Steyn is an accredited family physician with a special interest in medical cosmetic procedures and has been a certified Botox® injector since 2008.
Physician's Blog

Do you know the difference between sleep wrinkles and expression wrinkles?

IS YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP AGING YOU? Ever wondered what is the difference between facial expression wrinkles and sleep wrinkles? And how do you treat those pesky sleep lines and wrinkles? We all know that smoking and sun exposure can age your skin, but did you know that how you sleep... Read More

Look As Young As You Feel

If you’ve been searching for a lasting solution to take years off your appearance with minimal recovery time and an affordable alternative to surgery, we’re here to help you fully understand your options. Ever since injections like Botox® and Juvederm® have been used for cosmetic purposes, the rumor mill has been... Read More

April Is Rosacea Awareness Month

More than 2 million Canadians suffer from Rosacea, a skin condition that many are even unaware of. Rosacea is  believed to be a disorder of the blood vessels, and the rosy colouring is due to an increase in blood flow to the face and a higher number of blood vessels that are closer... Read More

Add Omega 3s to your diet for healthy, youthful skin

Making mindful decisions about the food you eat can lead to a slew of health benefits, including improving the condition of your skin. Younger, smoother skin is as obtainable as adding Omega 3 fatty acids in your daily diet; moreover, they’ve been proven to reduce inflammation from conditions such as... Read More

See a younger you in the mirror after a pore minimizing procedure

Turn back the hands of time for a smoother, fresh-faced you. Large pores are impossible to cover up with makeup, and topical remedies simply don’t produce the results you want. Whether your pores are enlarged due to genetics, sun exposure, or aging, you now have the opportunity to reduce their... Read More

Venus Viva Lets Your Inner Goddess Shine Through

Start the New Year off with a brand new you. Say good-bye to fine lines, stretch marks, sunspots, and acne scars, and say hello to smooth, radiant skin when you book a VENUS VIVA treatment at Brockville Cosmetic Skin Clinic. VENUS VIVA is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that only takes 15 minutes. The... Read More